Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding, Whitening Tray and Prevents TMJ

Dental Night Protector. Custom and Moldable Clear Mouthpiece. Latex and BPA Free EVA Custom Teeth Night Guard for Sleep

Natuerlabs Mouth Guard

Product Features:

Experts estimate that as many as 96 percent of adults grind or clench their teeth when they are stressed or due to dental issues. The problem is most damaging at night, when grinding and clenching can continue on for hours, wearing away at the dental enamel, cracking weakened teeth and causing severe jaw pain.

There are a number of night braces, mouth guards and night guards that claim to help solve the problem of nighttime grinding, but so many of these products just don't work. Most don't conform properly to the teeth, so they can't truly protect them. Others are so bulky and big that they're uncomfortable to wear and disrupt sleep. This doesn't mean that you have to leave your teeth unprotected or pay hundreds for a bite guard made by a dental lab. It simply means that you need the NatuerLabs Custom Teeth Night Guard, the best mouth guard for teeth grinding on the market!

The NatuerLabs Mouth Guard eliminates all of the hassles that come with inferior mouth guards. Instead of being a one size fits all design, this night guard features custom fit technology that allows you to quickly size it to perfectly fit the shape of your jaw. Even if you have crowded, missing or gapped teeth, the night guard will conform fully to your teeth to ensure that they're fully protected.

Although the NatuerLabs Custom Teeth Night Guard provides plenty of insulation to protect the teeth from damage, it is slim and comfortable. You'll forget you're even wearing it once it's in place, so you won't experience disruptions in your sleep.

Sold with a travel case, the guard is free of BPA and latex, and it's also suitable for use as a teeth whitening tray.